Dad and the kid

I am so proud of my father. That is my pops in his uniform back in 1969. It is good to see that he is like a guidance counselor to my kid neighbor. This kid does have a father but they hardly go out with him. So he sometimes needs a father figure and he doesn’t have that often. His mother is an amazing woman. Mother of three that works hard and is always there for them. Have been thru a lot of things to make this kids be good kids. They are all good honor students.

Now this kid is the youngest of her kids. He is into all military things related. Since he knows my dad was in the Army he comes to our house seeking for him and asking him about military things, experiences and all things related with that. At first I thought he liked it just because of the paycheck but it turns out he LOVES it so I am no one to tell him that he shouldn’t go and enrolled on it. He is up for the hard work and sacrifice. His family were part of the military so it is like in him anyways.
Last night the kid was looking up for my dad cause he wanted my dad to check up on his boot. He was shining them for an activity he had today. He is in the cadetes school [this is like a program for kids in high school and they show them responsibility and all military things related]. They had to go today to the Cementerio Nacional for the Memorial day ceremony held there. He showed us his uniform and the boots all shinned up very cool. Asking if they were shining enough. My dad gave him some shoes so he could wear whit his uniform. The kid was so exited. He cleaned them up and came back to show my dad how they turned out after cleaning them.

He just arrived from the activity and came to my house to show my dad how he looked in his uniform with the shoes he gave him. My father is out with my mom pasiando, but I took a picture of him in his uniform. He looks so proud, so cool and cute in his uniform. His mom was very happy. She asked me to give thanks to my dad for been there for him. That made me feel special. I gave him my Xbox like a month ago with all my games. He is having fun haha and he is using the Xbox that I wasnt using.

He will attend now 10th grade. He graduated with honors. It is good that we can help him in whatever we can. So now my dad is like a role model for him and that is why I am proud. My dad gets pretty happy with all this cause he didn’t had a kid [boy] so he is enjoying all this. He is happy to help him out and guide him along. This are the things that we have to do when we see people with needs help them. This is what young people need people that help them to deal with their needs.


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