So I have been dealing with my blog. So I am going back to basics. I will do what I want. Write what I want. Say what I want. Like before I came to this blogging enterprise of fame or whatever. I have become worried of what people shall say or think and actually I don’t give a fuck.

So from now on I’m back to what I was before. An unknown person blogging about shit, art or whatever I want. If I want to blog in spanish, english, spanglish or my bad enough portuguese I will. So here I am back to basics.

I love blogging but lately it felt like it was a burden. Something I had to do. I know I have to keep it updated but it is not an obligation. This should be fun and it was starting to become like a chore. But I will follow nike advice just do it.

Warning: If you don’t like it well then back off. If you do like my words and feelings about things well you are more than welcome to share your ideas with me. I surely respect others opinions but I wont tolerate to be manipulated just by a few. This is my blog, The Blog. Simple as that. A places were art, music, photos, politics, poetry and many other things live together like in a perfect neighborhood; my own little utopia.

Rants are good.


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