Guys from East Asia

People say that Asians they all look the same. That sounds right but it isn’t. Besides what you were expecting. They are millions and millions of them. They stay pure since they hardly mix-up with their surrounding countries as in to form a home. I think that is the main reason why their features are alike but NEVER, ever the same. It is like if all the Caucasian blue eyes and blond hair people lived all together it would be hard to tell who is who. Still they are not the same you can tell who is who.

Please don’t call them all Chinese or Japanese. If you are not sure from what part they are just ask from what part of Asia they are. That is a simple question that could help you a lot. We can learn a lot from other cultures. In case you didn’t knew Asia is composed by many countries [Russia, Jordanian, China, etc.] Therefore it is divided in four parts north, south, east and west. The part of Asia we will be talking about is East Asia compossed by Republic of China (Taiwan), South Korea, North Korea, Mongolia, Macau, Japan, Hong Kong and China. So now you know a little more from Asia [East Asia]. Hope this made clear the most common mistake when talking about Asia.

Now that all the Asia location is cleared up. I would like to talk about the Asian guys. I love anime, the series, their culture, food and many other things things. They look so cool and so different from our daily visions of men. People, variety is good. Embrace variety. Here I will just put my favorite Asians guys. The ones I have fallen for cause they are mad gorgeous. So those that say that there are no good looking Asian guys, get over it. You can or don’t want to find them cause you are use to the Brad Pitt or Christian Bale look. There is more people out there. [remember to click images for full view]

Bruce Lee
Who doesn’t like him? Prime martial artist, philosopher, thinker and actor. He developed his own martial techniques. Born in 1940-San Francisco, California [USA] died 1973 Hong Kong. His parents were Chinese. [Bruce Lee interview 1971]

Takeshi Kaneshiro
You might remember him from the movie House of flying daggers. Born in 1973 in the county of Taipei, China but also haves Japanese citizenship. His mom is Chinese [from Taiwan] and dad is Japanese [from Okinawa] parents. Model, actor and singer all in one. Also speaks English, Taiwanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese. [watch this commercial for Sony Vaio].

Sung Kang
This guy came out on the Tokyo Drift/Too fast too furious 3. Born 1972 in Georgia, US but a Korean descendant. He owns a restaurant named Saketini were he offers asian food. A blogger that does blog frequently [I was impressed thought it was a fan blog but no it is his actual blog/website and check this video montage].

Will Yun Lee
Remember the movie Elektra, or Torque. He was on both of them. Maybe you remember him for Mariah Carey music video Oh Boy. This guy was born in Virgina, US to Korean parents. His dad is a taekwondo grandmaster and he got a scholarship on that same matter in UC, Berkley and Majored in Political Science. Model and actor. Named one of the sexiest man alive in 2007 by People Magazine for obvious reasons. Heart breaker fellow.

Tomohisa Yamashita
This kid is HUGE in Japan. He is a singer [j-pop], model and actor for many Japanese dramas. Born 1985 in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Also known by Yamapi by his fans. I knew about him from the series Nobuta Wo Produce. He have been acting since he was 11 years old. Gorgeous kid. He looks like a gal but well that is part of that don’t know why. Very good at acting and all that he does.


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