Coca- Cola: Hapiness Factory

Coca-Cola: Happiness Factory – The Movie!

This is a really beautiful short animation ad for Coca-Cola.

The whole thing started with an animated spot made by Psyop for Coke and agency Wieden+Kennedy. Since launching in 2006, the original “Happiness Factory” has gone on to become the highest rated global spot The Coca-Cola Company has ever tested. The ad has won several awards including a “Silver Lion” at the 2007 Cannes advertising awards, the “Grand Prix Gold Prize” at the 2006 Epica Awards and most recently a nomination for a prime time commercial “Emmy” in the United States. This is the latest installment of the Happiness Factory. [Copy pasted form somewhere on the net.]

My contribution to this post [aka/ my opinion]:
I always loved this ad from the first time I saw them on the theather. Loved the whole idea. The fantasy that makes this great cola. It is a good and huge effort to make something different and it payed well. We are tired of seen super models, artists and way too much media people. It was a good call to make another artitique approach this time. I bet the kids enjoy this commercial cause most dont know that it is just a machine. I rather dream or believe that this is the way that Cokes are delievered than just a machine that keeps them cold.


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