Using ScribeFire

I just installed ScribeFire to see how it worked. Read about it while reading Blogger Buster author Amanda Fazani’s twitter. ScribeFire in case you didnt know [like I didn’t knew what it was] is an application that works along with Firefox. From ScribeFire you can post on your blog without leaving the brower changing pages and you still can roam along the other web pages you were using.

It gives you all the same options that any blog haves but just in one freaking bar which is brilliant. As you all know I use Blogger to host my blog and after i installed the application and did all the registration I don’t have to log in to Blogger to post there.

  1. The link button is great if you are going to link from one of the pages you have above you just have to highlight the words and press the link button. It will automatically add the link of the page.
  2. Add a youtube video straight from the toolbar by doing a search. Then it shows up all the videos available under the search you did. you choose your video and hit the OK button and you are ready to go. No need to go to youtube at all.
  3. You can insert an html code on your post the only requirement is not to add the < or > brackets.
  4. Use the bullets/list like the one I am doing. No code necesary.
  5. Add special character from the toolbar.
  6. Access Flickr from the toolbar. This works the same way that the youtube button does.
  7. Ability to see your post in three forms Compose, HTML and Preview mode.
  8. Promote your blog with through Digg, Facebook and other sites.
  9. Instering images uses the same technique as the other host and pages.
  10. Right side of the application you can see the Blogs you added, old entries to the blog, categories/labels and other options like modifying the timestamp, technorati tags, trackback urls, and enabling pings to your favorite blogging site [like technorati, ping-o-matic, weblogs, etc.
  11. Do all this it straight from the icon provided at the bottom of the page besides the status bar.
Below a numbered guide of the things discussed before. Full view to appreciate all the guide.
The rest you will find it out on your own. Have fun and start blogging.



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