Just some thoughts…

Just some thoughts…

  • havent been around today.
  • spent all day at home doing nothing 
  • Söndag  [kitten] owns the backyard now. She is become more familiar with it. That is good. Ate food, drank the water and played with the rocks and plants there.
  • got online at 11pm.
  • don’t feel like making an amazing or good enough blog post.
  • not too much things to do on the net today.
  • friends did share good links
  • google reader is so amazing I love it everyday even more. makes my life so simple.
  • blogalaxia esta no se… no entiendo porque salen updates e informacion de otros paises en el area de puerto rico… awkward. 
  • yes, people are crazy and strange.
  • twitter is cool now that i have more followers it actually makes sense. 
  • WTF? fuegos artificiales. Why now? Poor Sondag must be fucking scare.
  • will try to be up late. not sure cant control that.
  • until tomorrow i guess.
  • this bullets sucks… but look good when making a list.
  • Carolina won the BSN? espero que eso explique los fuegos artificiales maldita sea….


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