Time after time.

If it was that easy to take your hand and slide it inside my soul to make you feel what I can feel when you are gone. If lonliness could haunt you and bring to my arms I would gladly summon it so it could do as i want. the desire that i carry between my skin and chest to pour over you my love and grace if that could just be so easy to express. if that could be so easy to contain life would be such a burden while you are so away.

If i had the guts te whisper in you ear make me yours just this once. not ever again just this once. i could let my shield down melt my armour and run behind your foorprints marked on my heart of stone. it was that simple I could still call you my own. in dreams and voyages you are always close. if this walls could talk. they would easily recognize you. They have heard our story so many times. you would blush at all of them probably get all surprised and wonder why, oh! why?

I take time back I am a kid now I grab do all I that I was not allowed. Yes allowed. On those stairs on that backyard, that night, on that place just you and eye. We would crawl all the building pretending we were lost pushing all the buttons like we had no were to stop. Give you all that I had just for that moment. Give my breath away and steal yours in that moment. Oh a life full of what if. A life full of have been and never will. All I wanted was to taste your lips.

Time after time I have you. Time after time i want you. We grew older nothing have changed that much. we are still little kids lost on the woods. Lets run away make up a story and keep the real one for our own. Happiness is just around that corner lets go together and find some. lets taste together before the time has been gone.

Image socavar by *themistaken15


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