Adrian Daniel Roman… el "Viajero"

Found another Puerto Rican artist while searching on youtube for art made by puerto ricans.

His name is Adrian Daniel Roman aka “Viajero” is a Puerto Rican artist born and raised in New York City. Viajero means “Traveler” in Spanish. Viajero believes we are all travelers on a journey through life, a voyage of infinite possibilities. Through our travels we stop briefly to meet, love and share encounters with one another; but however precious, these moments are transient.

His work is a representation of our journeys through life and its purpose is to carry the consciousness of timeless being in the midst of a time-bound experience. Family, culture, history, and Life are the inspirations of Viajero’s work. These are the ingredients of his identity.

Many of his pieces are in private collections in the United States and Puerto Rico and have been viewed in various galleries and art shows throughout the nation. You can find more information about his illustrations, exibitions and other works on his website After visiting his site I found his techinique very amazing. His work called Pasando is great. Love what he does on wood. His illustrations are vivid and photographic. Do pass by his site and enjoy all his creativity. You will end up loving and watching his works as much as I do.


2 thoughts on “Adrian Daniel Roman… el "Viajero"

  1. You are more than welcome. I enjoyed your work very much. It is good to expose art made by Puerto Ricans. I never heard of you before but I am glad I found your art. Thanks for passing by.

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