Back to Work!

I started working again today after this long vacation. I knew things would look a bit different at el sotano [that is what I call it] but I never expected to be almost empty. I am happy that they got rid of all the un-useful printing machines that were outdated. If they told me that there were still things to do I would have spent this past few weeks cleaning this up making it more like a real work area.

My desk is full fo this antsand that I dont like. I had to move to another table they didnt let me work. Insane walking all aroun the desk. They even go after the water and they are all around so I need some and flea to kill them all. Also need to make some spaces more habitable, more comforting. People always asked how I could work here with all this mess and I always said well this mess isn’t mine. I can’t do shit about it. Now that the big mess is gone I can improve my sotano and so I will.

First the ants, then move my “lunch area” near me so that I’ve everything in one room. Organize the boxes and archives that are all around the place. This is hard work to move the rest. To top things I am working alone all this time since schools/university started and my co-workers are attending them. I have to work 8 hours alone on this drepressing place. it might sound like fun but it is not. Reason why I always carry my laptop with me to work. That is why I am online most of the time. I almost fell asleep there with the aA/C turned on all day and alone. Come on! it is hard to keep focus. Ha! Ha!

Still I love my job its been like this for some years but now things are changing for the best. Many have come and work with me but they can’t stand the this work even when it is so easy. I know it is boring and repetitive. They are afraid of the zipcodes and the stupid process of the mail.

Anyways. I just wished they told me this place was still in need of some cleaning so I could fix it for the time when I really needed to do my work. Therefore I wouldnt wrote ¿Cuando llega? the other day. Now I am wondering when I will have time to do all this cleanup by myself. Shall make some arrangements with the co-workers. Well back to work after posting.


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