All about the colours.

Colors are an importan part of our life. They define our moods and reflect them too. Many people have problems when they try to mix or match colors. They are not sure of which colors matches which. You can also explore but how to do that. How, if you are not sure if violet goes with aqua blue?

For interior designers, artists, graphic artists, painters,  and many art related careers working with color is IMPORTANT. Almost a life or death situation. For the same reason that if color can define your mood it can also define an emotion an object of a company and it becomes almost the company. Therefore you have to be sure of your color judgment.

I love colors and I think I manage pretty well around them. Sometimes I get stuck and don’t see a possible color combination. Now thanks to friend of mine [hi Tony] who shared this great site with me I don’t have to be all preoccupied. On this site you can create your own colors, own pallete and own patterns with the many styles they provide on the page. Each area haves a feed that you can subscribe to, which is very convenient. Don’t forget to visit their blog with great interviews, articles, news and trends all of them color related.

In order to be able to do all this you only have to register and you are ready to go. You will recieve comments/love from other users and you can also use their colors, pallete and patterns to create yours [they call it inspiration]. When people go to your profile they can see your creations and get inspired with them. It is a pretty united community. You will learn how to mix, match and make new colors that you and others can later on enjoy. It is all about the colors and the people that make them cool and usefull.


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