Art Icon: Barack Obama

In all my almost 30 years of living I haven’t seen a support like this for a politician. What am I talking about? Haven’t you noticed that Obama is every were and I don’t even live in the states, still he is every were. That might be possible thanks to all this artist that have used Obama as an inspiration for their art.

Obama’s speech of hope and compromise to change the way things are in the United States have moved different generations of artist to create his campaign without even knowing it. I think that it is more than his speeches. I think that the single issue that a black man can [or will become] the president of the United States is almost like the fulfilled dream that Martin Luther King talked about in his speech back in 1963 in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

Artists like Sam Flores, Shepard Faeirey, David Choe, Christopher CoxJus One, Munk One, Ron English and Alex Pardee, [to name a few] have done excelent works using Mr. Obama as their Muse. For more Obama in his Pop-Culture scene you can visit Also check this buttons, completely insane. I wonder if Barack ever thought that this would/could happen. I think no one did. That is the beauty of self expression and support what you believe in. I bet many people was impressed to see all the support towards him and his campaign. I guess people are tired of the actual situation with Bush and all his “wonderful and brilliant” ideas.

I’ve to add as a side note that I’ve no matters on this elections since I can’t vote for the US president. I just wanted to show what I’ve been seen for almost the whole year. Great art inspired by politician and his power of speech and conviction. That people can finally understand that yes with art you can make a political statement and move others to think and express themselves.


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