How he makes me feel.

Well it feels good when my nipples caress hard against the sheets… they get hard perky. The wind against the naked skins makes me remember the desert… When the wind kisses it you feel all your pores open a little bit.

Your hair raises up, you get chicken skin. It feels good! Then you feel the slightly sweat drops appearing in the same spots were it was all dried and filled up with emotions; then you want to scream but you can’t. Your start to feel thirsty and breath heavily. Imagination running at the speed of light, sensors all active, feeling the rush in your nerves, nipples hard, cunt aching, skin all aroused.

Sweat… Taking over.

Quick movements all around you can’t talk you just gasp or squirm. All your body responds to all this and even when you try to control it completely you can’t seem to give the right orders instead you expose yourself more to the desire of the moment to be fulfilled

Your hands reach for something to hold on while compressing all of this then the bedsheet comes out cause it is on the way. You bury your face in the mattress can’t scream cant stop to take some water you just want it to go on and at the same time to be done then undone you cant think straight… Your legs pressing harder making it more real. you rise yourself up slowly just to succumb say sorry and beg.

You shiver like there is no one around. You say fuck, that is all you can speak out. You remember God and call him to save you, somehow it is a pleasure but you feel dying and you can’t hold it on.

Pressing again you finally let the damn scream out trembling all over gasping as if you just ran a whole mile. Muscles straighten, aching for awhile, you sweat, you are hot, you have to stop now. It explodes from the inside out you let your whole body lose control now. You are possessed by pleasure, you can go back now.

Pain slowly starts to show up a while after. You cant complain, you curse again, then laugh. You say mmm…. Nothing else just that. You adopt your fetal position you feel home again. Your start taking control not little by little you are coming back from the trip realizing where you are at… In a bed with some sheets around you. A strong aching all over you. Still you are happy that you calmed.

You just feel like you were dead and were reborn.


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