Things I Learned: Twitter

As most of you know I am a twitter user for quite some time now [since july 2008]. I will now share the things I have learned while using it.

  1. I have made lots of new friends [most “twittericans” > people from Puerto Rico]. I can’t mention all of them but they are good people.
  2. Don’t you ever underestimate the power of twitter.
  3. Remember that you only have 140 characters to write. Please use a shorter name if your username haves 10+ characters or more it will take most of the message. [examples: uselessdegree and Freeman_LaFleur] too long names.
  4. If you have a blog you can update your feeds with twitterfeed. That does help people visit your sites but please don’t spam.
  5. Twitpic is great tool to share photos with other twitter users. I have learned a lot from twitpic. I have seen what people are doing, how a place look like, what they eat, hang out, work areas well you name it they have it. My twitpic page >
  6. I am using tweetdeck to post my twits. But if you have multiple accounts DO use twitterfox.
  7. At first it is kind of slow and boring cause you have no friends to twit with but once you get around and add people it does become addictive.
  8. Didn’t knew there was a site called 12 seconds where you upload 12seconds videos. To my surprise you can do a lot in 12 seconds you just have to be fast.
  9. Using tinyurl will make your linking experience much better since it shortens those long web addresses. 
  10. Yes. Twitter can get you into a lot of problems and confusion. [long story]
  11. You can do your autobiography or make a social experiments like @afreytes did.
  12. Many companies have acquired twitter accounts cause they understood they could harass you even there. Not good but it can happen.
  13. Blocking other annoying twitters makes your life easier and happier.
  14. You get to a point where you could become a stalker without even knowing or noticing it.
  15. If you have a question twit it away people might reply with the answer or something like an answer.
  16. Direct Messages are very helpful and keep personal issues aside.
  17. I have some twits marked as favorites Icon_star_full.
  18. When you answer the question > What you are doing? you have started your own road to perdition on this micro blogging future.
  19. It is pretty user friendly.
  20. I love twitter.

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