The thing with diets.

I have just started some kind of diet. Nothing fancy nothing hard to do. I just eat less and drink water. Last time I went to the doctor she said I had to quit sodas or I would get my kidneys all fucked up. So after that speech I think it was time for me to do something.

I also feel more tired. I have gained like 20# that I thought I never could but emotions and things get on the way. I don’t eat that much but what I eat doesnt get burned or goes away it just build up more and more making me heavier. I remember that I could walk long distance I still can but I am really feeling the weight now. To buy clothing is another story. Sometimes you get so frustrated that it can turn into depression. This is no good.

Other thing that haves me worried is my feet they are starting the get all swollen all of the sudden for no reason and that can not happen. I am too young for that too happen. If you add to all this the family heritage in healthy issues I could say that I am messed up and my healthy issue tree aint good: high blodd pressure, diabetes, heart attacks, high cholesterol, bad circulation on the legs, etc. Most of them thanks to the bad eating habits and genetics too.

To keep track of what I am eating and stuff I am using this excellent website called SparkPeople. This site was recommended to me by Sarai [@Chunkyrican] she haves this great blog called My Weight Loss Journey were she writes about her experience. Very nice and inspiring to me. I got motivated to do all this by her. Anyways, the SparkPeople web helps you out on keeping record of all your process what you eat, exercise, calories all this related to the journey. It is pretty complete easy to handle after you read all the things they offer. It is free which is great. If you are trying to gain or loose weight you should consider visiting the site.

I was thinking of opening a new blog [maybe in wordpress] to just put the dieting process on it but I cant deal with another blog so I will just add the entries here and put a label on it. That will do the work. I dont know if I am going to post this things daily or weekly. Not sure yet. If you are interested you can check the labels later I think. On the post I will include a the daily table of the calories and etc. Will print screen it from the site. If I ever do the other blog you will know or perhaps I shouls keep it private. Mmm note sure yet.

Below are print screen of SparkPeople website.


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