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Hugh MacLeod gapingvoid Recently overheard at a bar: “Who wins the battle for your soul, the black wolf, or the white wolf? Answer: The wolf you FEED.” Wow.  from TwitterBerry
Mar[i]sol attenea retweet: @afreytes says but oh! How do those things better left unshared and unsaid can hurt us! 21/100  from web
Mar[i]sol attenea retweet: @afreytes says I learned there are some things that are better left unshared and unsaid 20/100 from web
Reavel Reavel ME:spoon with me AFREYTES:spoon?fork? ME: well you can fork my spoon with your knife… wait that was brilliant!!! AFREYTES:twit it!twit it!  from TweetDeck
afreytes afreytes “Amor y deseo son dos cosas diferentes; que no todo lo que se ama se desea, ni todo lo que se desea se ama.” ~ Cervantes  from web
afreytes afreytes A veces lo único que deseo es abrazarte, por un rato, en lo que me pasa la ansiedad de no tenerte; pero ni tan siquiera eso se pedirte…  from web
afreytes afreytes No hay persona, ni lugar, o evento que sea perfecto. Solo nuestros recuerdos pueden serlo…  from web
Jeff Barszcz fedge Wow. More than 2 million US kids are depressed. I hate to think how many of them are goths. That’s the real tragedy.  from TwitterFox


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