Like if I am someone else.

I should have done this post earlier. I fear it could come out wrong so I stepped back from the laptop and here I am. Still figuring out how to see clearly they way things work. I might know too much information and use it in my favor, but what for. Right? I am figuring this out. I am sorry for what I have done. It is time to abort all this before it could get all wrong. 

Every time this phrase makes more sense: 
” I learned there are some things that are better left unshared and unsaid but oh! How do those things better left unshared and unsaid can hurt us! “
Didn’t belive that simple words said out of the blue could carry such a heavy statement. So true, so damn true. I have a headache since this morning. My morning didn’t start well at all either. The boss didn’t paid me. Will have to wait for next week to get paid. My water drinking habit almost died today. I want to drink something else. To be honest. Completely honest I have been going to work but I haven’t done a thing from work. I stay in front of the laptop staring at it. Like waiting for some answer of an unknown question.

Shit! I feel like crying still no tears come out. Always the same story. Can’t show the feeling. I have to stop playing the game. Cause this isn’t a game it is life. People that could get more affected. Happiness can be found in a moment and can be lost in a second. Therefore I am here to build towards my own happiness I want others to find theirs and keep life they way it is. I can’t change what doesn’t want to be change.

All this makes no sense I know but I had to write this down. I don’t know what I am doing what is driving me to do this. Sure thing it is not love. It is solitude that once again drag me to another of her games. Simple as that. Loneliness, time, procrastination, and a heart that wants to heal and listen to what others have to say. Always a learning experience and this is my second test. I wont fail I wont get people carried away. To whom it might concern I might be or sound over dramatic.  But when you have so things that say warning. Just stop what you are doing read the sign and back off.  


2 thoughts on “Like if I am someone else.

  1. Lo que necesitas es amor. Como todos. Pero amor del bueno, del que no duele, amor sincero de las dos partes. Pero el amor no tocará nunca tu puerta mientras tú sigas atascándola con amores pasados, tormentosos o mientras tú no te quieras un poco más.
    Primero tú, y luego lo demás vendrá poco a poco…

  2. ahi el detalle el atascamiento pero esun poco mas complicadito esto.. hehe.. gracias por el consejo se le agradece y creame que estoy trabajando en ello.

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