In the shadows with you

I am starting to like Alpha very much. I think the band have been way too much underestimated or forgotten for way too much time. This song even when the name is Elvis I just cant get over the song.

Sometimes we talk and mess up things. Then you have songs like this one that says everything that you might need to say. In a good simple way it haves all you keep for yourself. Splendid music and lyric. Just check this lyrics. When you have something like this there is nothing else need to be said. You just need to listen and say whatever… fuck the world. I have to confess that I myself can’t ever say fuck the world in this matter cause my world does matters to me.

Look into the dark night
I’m dancing in the shadows with you
There’s a world waiting out there for us to see

And beneath the starlit blanket
Dreams are made of solid gold
I just wanna be the one to hold you there
When you’re cold

With so many pictures on the walls
Of five billion minds
We just need to take them out sometime
Y’know and start living the good times

Decent dreams and pictures make you airborne
When you close your eyes

That’s why i wanna fly with you tonight
No one else, no one else can make the flight like you
So I wanna fly with you tonight
And no one there, oh lord oh lord (?)

I’m obviously indebted to you
By the way you make me feel
Ice cold warm heart
Is always gonna be able to turn a dream to real
I say
I’m touching all horizons with you
I got my sights on solid gold
I feel superhuman baby
Y’know like the way the marvel make man feel in their shows
Now check out what my mind say
Check out what my words say
Check out all my actions
I just want your satisfaction because

Youknow cause I wanna fly with you tonight
Oh no one else, no one else can make the flight like you
So i wanna fly, oh, with you tonight
And make dreams, make a dreams a real life
I can oh

You got to take my hand lady
Oh yeah
Then you’ll understand what i’m saying
And you know we gonna find the ideal destination
I say I say
I, I wanna fly with you tonight


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