An appearance… where…?

I am certainly happy to find out by my Flickr Stats that there is people using my art on their blogs or web pages. As silly as it sounds I didn’t knew we had stats count there. [Ha ha!]

Makes me feel better to see that people can relate to what you do and feel. Most of them have no idea of what I was going thru or why those things were made or inspired by still they choose it to represent their feelings. That is one of the amazing things of art. That things can have millions of meanings from people to people. Still with all those differences it pulls us together.

Thanks to all of them for enjoying my works that much to put them to represent your writings/articles and whatever you used it for it is all good. Thanks also for linking back the works that speak great things of you guys.

Anyways this are the sites [click on image to visit them]


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