Belated Gift.

Some months ago I started making plushies and cushions just for the fun of it and to see if I could make some hand sewing of my own. I discovered that yeah I could do that. I kept making some until the month of april that I made a piggy. After that I stop.

On July my sister had her birthday and I started making her a cushion but never finished it cause I didn’t had time. That week I also went on vacation and I couldn’t take the materials with me to finish it. Later on I regretted that big time and wish I did took them with me.

I think I will start doing them again since I just finally got to finish the Paypal account issue I had to resolved. I spent $13 dollars on new felt [saw many colors and got them cause some are hard to find later on]. I hope that you get to see more of my inventions and boredom momentums.

Here is the cushion I made for my sister as a birthday gift. A belated one but still it is a gift. I have to explain that the design are composed by the letter “Y” since her name starts with that. Then you have a flower on the corner there and some dots around it.


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