Touching is totally good.

The past 1st of October I got a Rumor by LG from Sprint. Even when I liked the phone since I do text a lot it seemed like the right phone. Then I decided to add internet and that changed it all. The internet was kind of slow and that was enough for me to change it. Also the photos didn’t came out as I expected them to be. I made a blog about this issues here on the post Whats the Rumor? Therefore I went to the store and change it. 

Once in the store the question on my mind what cellphone will do the trick for me. The first choices were a Palm Centro or a Blackberry. The main issue what that I wasn’t sure if I needed the whole advance plan to get any of them. I know that for the Palm Centro I could just get it with the internet connection. Then I learned that the Blackberry needed the hole advanced plan so right away it wasn’t a choice anymore.

I remembered that I spent a lot of time on twitter reading about geek stuff since most of the people I follow seem to be geeks. Thanks to @nieves @jmonterrey and @afreytes that were online at the time and replied to my questions I think I made the best option. I had to choose between the Palm and the HTC Touch for Sprint . I have used the palm before [my sister haves one] so I knew what I was getting but with the Touch I was clueless. Never heard of it before.  Went to try it out but it was locked so asked the kid to unlocked. After that it was love at first sight.

He explained to me lot of the features but way to technical. Still like I said I have been getting some knowledge on this geek issues and kind of knew what to look for on the phone. For the whole info on the phone and all its features you can check here. There are some videos on youtube also explan/show all the features that makes the phone great. The kid at the store told me to get the Windows Mobile 6.1 so I did and it is running on that now.

The camera is much better than the Rumor one. It is a 2 mega pixels, which is sweet. It runs well great simplicity. Still like everything else you have to take some time to fully understand all the things this phone can do. I also have TV, media player, video camera and all the rest that regular phones have. Love the size pretty small and thin. only three buttons. Great sound and very loud which is always good. I am very happy that I returned that Rumor and decided to get a new one. I have seen some reviews around the net and they mostly say it is a good unit to have. Got it for $99.99 which is a very good price.

Anyways here are the photos of my Touch.


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