Twittered Today: 22 Oct. ’08

  • @rafamejia all good/ #
  • @rafamejia well talking with some good old friends on msn. 😀 #
  • @rafamejia but tired as well hehe #
  • @afreytes Im an open book with many other interesting chapters to read perhaps more interesting and dangerous too. #
  • using this now. this is only a test. #
  • you are user friendly so…. #
  • Am I boring? the guy that is stalking to me is sleepy. #
  • mi voz es tu somnifero con mejores resultados. #
  • question: do people say the truth when they talk while sleeping? #
  • Good Morning Crew!! Have an amazing day. Victory is straight ahead keep walking. 😀 #
  • I’m at Carretera 26 (Carolina, PR) – Carolina – #
  • @ramcosca good day to you too. #
  • – I’ve become a fan of this ships. 😀 #
  • I know I didn’t made that up. Im not crazy. I heard you while you were sleeping. But I ignored it like it never happened. #
  • @Arkhangel you know what you have to do or should do… but do get at least 4hrs of sleep dude. #
  • @afreytes That means he cant say what he really wants. If he lies constantly to himself an others just to ignore whatever he honestly feels #
  • @attenea hola #
  • @ramcosca he intentado explicarle los text mess, y las cosas de internet but it aint working that well…. #
  • @attenea thanks that is a photo I took of a geisha doll I’ve in my house . It’s 25+ years old 😀 #
  • @ramcosca si mijo es complicado pq no hacen caso… meh! #
  • @ramcosca haha #
  • @hramos dito….. and yes it is lol thing… #
  • i want to get home. freaking tired of listening this novela bullshit. #
  • when will everything be crystal clear for me. im tired. license comming up soon, yo! #
  • just got some polyfiber for my half made cushion. #
  • @afreytes are you ok dude? #
  • @treobenny I just got the right pic for the request @dirtytextorgy #
  • @rafamejia tell me about it… crazy shit #
  • Hmm got some pics…… #

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