Twittered Today: Oct. 25 ’08

  • Desaucio? #
  • Yes! Puedo dormir un poquito mas mañana. Eso es algo bueno. #
  • Buenas Noches a todos sobre todo a los q padecen de insomnia y sus sueños nunca llegan. Yo me retiro tempranito hoy. Twitter is boring. #
  • but the color is familiar… #
  • @arkhangel i like your new avatar #
  • @Arkhangel what up with that mate? #
  • que frio…. #
  • @arkhangel msn one #
  • @Arkhangel is not important…. #
  • Las palabras no me dan pa’ escribir sobre esta cancion. Solo deseo q hubiese llegado antes a mi para dartela. ♫ #
  • “Is someone taking the best of you?” #confesiones ♫ #
  • @Arkhangel the distance doesnt exist… mate… it only helps things get more fucked up. #
  • They always assume that by leaving or not caring whatever they wont harm me.. A note to them: No, bitch you are doing it wrong. #
  • talking to whom? #
  • On The Blog: Twittered Today: Oct 23 ’08 #
  • @Arkhangel you really think that would solve the issue? #
  • @Arkhangel i know pero era una hora na ma…. haha i work horita #
  • @Arkhangel well darling te voy dejando need to get ready to work me voy a las 8am… got to do some shit around here before leaving. sleep!! #
  • Good day to my fellow twitters… see you around. those that havent sleep. [like me] go and take a nap.. 😀 Payday = pizza day I think. #
  • Things I should have said: “-If you are in hunting season look no further I am your prey.” #confesiones #
  • @afreytes el que calla otorga. me iba a tirar un comentario pero nah.. *too strong* #
  • testing tinytweet on cellphone so far so good 😀 #
  • – TinyTwitter for Windows mobile #
  • @afreytes as always… wilson pickett #
  • @jribot well it works for me so far haha.. i am new on this applications things haha #
  • @jribot okis, me avisas #
  • @TreoBenny twitterfox i think…. #
  • @Arkhangel Meh!!! habichuelas negras… …….. meh!!!! #
  • on gas station buying something to drink with the pizza. no coke/pepsi. perhaps parcha juice 😀 #
  • @Arkhangel yes!! I like that very much. 😛 enjoy your movie 😉 #
  • – Lunch… With parcha juice 😀 #
  • Solo espero que eso que estoy escuchando no sean disparos en Covadonga… *sigh* #
  • Planning watching Nicks/Norah’s Playlist at Plaza Escorial. The only thing I dont like’re the young kids there INSANE we need another cine #
  • My B-Day plan so far is Sat. December 13 > Chilis /Pizz. 1 S. Patricio o Pizz. 1 Centro Europa. Not Sure Yet!!! Any ideas? are welcome 😀 #
  • @Arkhangel dude yes you need to sleep. #
  • My B-Day plan so far is Sat. December 13 > Chilis /Pizz. 1 S. Patricio o Pizz. 1 Centro Europa. Not Sure Yet!!! Ideas are welcome 😀 #
  • @Arkhangel you cant what???? #
  • @Arkhangel pues mijo al menos descansa… que se yo… haha #
  • Creo q este fin de semana sera de coser y pegar. coser y pegar, coser y pegar. luego rellenar y cerrar rellenar y cerrar rellenar y cerrar. #
  • @jribot how it went with the tinytwitter thing? #
  • Falling in love with Opera mini in my cellphone 😀 #
  • – Lovely clouds 😀 #
  • quiero ver Pineapple Express again. #
  • @rafamejia no hay que estar high pa verla… i never been high y me rie un MONTON…. out of this world…. #
  • @attenea no… no creo no he escuchado q este en video. 😦 pero esta buena buena haha… diablo… #
  • @attenea NO HAS VISTO AMELIE.. por DIOS SANTO… menina … DO RENT it.. 😀 like right now. #
  • @anamrosado you wont waste your time it is superb.. when you watch it you feel high haha… and this kid James Franco OWNS the character. #
  • @Arkhangel arent you at work? #
  • I want to drink tonight, go to the movies or something. #
  • @wilmary nope maybe when it comes out for rent i might watch it. what is SIL? #
  • @anamrosado haha food is under rated and over rated but always good to watch and eat. 😀 #
  • @chunkyrican have you done research on that matter? #
  • @anamrosado you should 😀 #
  • @chunkyrican great then. keep it up mija keep it up.. 😀 go for it!! #
  • @wilmary yes I got it haha.. thanks. #
  • I have to blog about something I feel like I am neglecting my blog after so much hard work. dont know what to write about. feel empty. #
  • @wilmary the only asian drama that i have seen are Nobuta wo Produce and Tokyo Friends nothing else so far.. but I loved Nobuta wo Produce #
  • @wilmary i have talked about that since 2004 haha it is just that this past few days i dont feel like posting anything… #
  • @wilmary ha! #
  • @Arkhangel ddue what you talking about.. darling? #
  • @attenea of course dudette por eso la insistencia. #
  • ay como duele querer darme a ti y no tenerte#confesiones #

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