Twittered Today: Oct. 26 ’08

  • @arkhangel just woke up, hello #
  • @afreytes internet problem solved? #
  • @arkhangel im sorry #
  • so the cellphone today is not getting connection from my room. blackwhole confirmed #
  • @arkhangel i see… #
  • will pick up my money at sprint today seem that phone is cheaper now 🙂 #
  • hello people! #
  • @ramcosca mine. #
  • @ramcosca good morning dear. #
  • @afreytes thanks same to you. do have a great day #
  • desayunando huevo hervido. great! #
  • my mom is doing mimics. should i worry and call a home service now or wait? #
  • picking thing in my old room. haciendolo habitable de nuevo. lo tenia de ‘studio’. Ha!! #
  • – One of the best anime series EVER!!! Must see!! #
  • – The price of your forgiveness. Old painting i did years ago. Meh! #
  • – Art stuff organized. Yeah… Pretty colors 😀 #
  • – All my useless paintings… Meh!! Good/bad days. #
  • just lost my freaking stylus. Now to dig the trash can might find it there. *sigh* #
  • I’m at Av Campo Rico (Carolina, PR) – Carolina – #
  • @ramcoscab I sent you the info you request thru im msn. #
  • quit playing games with my heart. smash hit by backstreet boys circa 1998 i was a ‘fan’ #confesiones #
  • @rafamejia sera sera sera… aunque he tirado par en la semana haha.. #confesiones #
  • @ramcosca the htc is cheaper now… #
  • so I cant send photos to brightkite thru the email. Damn it… sorry for the updates from just deleted them. good for nothing tech. #
  • @JamesJanega that is cute… #
  • Seems that everyone is having a blast this weekend. Still.. Im stuck at home. Dealing w/granparents, parents , cellphone & camara. Not Cool. #
  • @ramcosca that is good. 😀 free yourself from the mac world darling variety is good. 😀 #
  • “Te he buscado y te encontrado todo en un solo rato y por el ansia de perderte te tomare una foto…” ♫ #
  • @attenea hellos #
  • @ramcosca yes the mogul that bitch is big thou haha.. #
  • @attenea que onda.? #
  • @ramcosca well that is up to you. I like it.. I enjoy it. I use it so far. haha.. 😛#
  • @ramcosca yes that is one of the features i like too 😀 #
  • @attenea same here bur i planned but didnt do what i planned. :S #
  • @attenea pue. resolver algo del celular, ir a un juego de bowling, ir ksa abuelos y no he hecho NINGUNA. solo me queda cine en la noche #
  • – All painted and done #
  • @chunkyrican I loved hot topic. until they closed down in plaza carolina 😥 #
  • Yes I like soundtrack music. Here some Alfie music. Very good the whole soundtrack. Check it out. ♫ #
  • Well Im out finally resolving the phone thing… more money on the credit. Big mistake this weekend. HA!! #
  • BTW thinking of doing page for my art on Facebook. Good or Bad idea? You know expose some of my art to the world? #
  • escuchando Cosa Nuestra por Red 96. Hablaron de A-Team. #
  • @afreytes yup good choice. #
  • @afreytes you could wait but you’ve been waiting for long time.. so take it. #
  • @rmediavilla loco eso mas o menos paga mi papa por 3 telefonos #
  • @rmediavilla el mio tiene internet/text mess. y esta incluido ahi #
  • @rmediavilla fuck the iphone dude… again its your money, your happiness. have fun!! #
  • iFreaks are foking crazy but happy. #
  • haciendo la compra de la semana. #
  • caravana popular carretera veja rio p a caguax bajando pa rio p. im on o-side of street 😀 #
  • subiendo pa bo. la changa near rio canhas, caguax. lots of traffic in front of avon. #
  • you just don’t like me, don’t you. #
  • @dirtytextorgy thank you love i might send you a bonus that will give you a bonus. 😀 #
  • @chunkyrican all good darling. how was your shopping? tired? #
  • @ramcosca i want to go out… #
  • @arkhangel hello sir. #
  • @ramcosca babe link me to it. lets see if it happens 😉 #
  • @ramcosca i call you mijo. #
  • moving on… moving on… what to do nex only want thing to move on… move on… ’cause I deserve better. #
  • @afreytes babe, I always do. told you it would take time but I always do listen to you 😉 #
  • Well Here it is painted and all the cushion. Now I need to do another project of this. final product leave comments 😀 #
  • @ramcosca Check this out. Since you liked it before. How you like it #
  • On The Blog: Sr. Mictlantecutli terminado. #
  • @ramcosca thank you hehe.. 🙂 it was all worth it. 😀 #
  • Making a page on facebook 😛 #
  • On The Blog: Twittered Today: Oct. 24 ’08 #
  • Watching Elizabeth The Golden Age. woot history freak mode activated 😀 #
  • – Granpa’s remedy for my cold-flu cough. Old skool baby! I’ve no clue what it is. Ha! #
  • @Talia_ no se unas matitas y flores ahi. add some honey & sugar good. #
  • @Talia_ it was good 😀 hehe.. #
  • @ramcosca ahhhhhh… 😥 wish I was there… no fueron pal billar? #

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