Söndag Week Out.

This past week I was staying at my grandpas house [here and here] helping them out with the house cleaning. It was a lot of work but it got done. Got pretty tired. I even fell on my back but it was all worth it. Didn’t had internet just could get online on my phone. Reason why I didnt post all this before.

Forget about the pay just the responsibility of watching and taking care of my granpas is hard. They still think they are young and can become a real pain in the butt. But it is something that you have to go on cuase if you stay on it you might become crazier. Still I love my grandparents and understand it is part of living and getting older.

Anyways I took Söndag with me and she behaved very well. I wanted to take her out to the backyard but that didn’t happened it rained the whole time. Bummer! I managed to take some new photos of her. She spent most of the time resting on bed and running around the room. She was nervous cause she doesn’t know the place. My batteries died on my so I don’t have a lot of photos either but I like them anyways.



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