Sondag First Christmas

Im happy to be celebrating Sondag first Christmas. I really don’t care about the whole thing. I mean I do believe in God and all but the whole original idea of the celebration which was unite families and stuff have vanished away with time and society making it more commercial every time. Anyways this is her first Christmas with us. Sadly for now I don’t have a thing for her or anyone in my house. Yes I’m that cheap.. whatever! Maybe for Three kings day I might have something for everyone but for tonight.

I remember when I first saw her and wondered if I would ever keep her. I had many doubts since in my house nobody liked cats but she now owns them. She is the baby of the house. Now is lives inside the house hardly goes out. We do take her for a while to the front yard of backyard and she enjoys it. I have big plans for her next year as in getting her more healthy stuff and bigger toys etc. I love her and I am very happy that I got the chance to kept her.

Right now she is 8months old already sterilized eats everything I give her. She loves her soft moist treats and her ball of yarn. She doesn’t make a mess in the litter or breaks things up. She sleeps most of the day but loves to scratch her claws with window screens, therefore she broke some of them. She haves her name tag so she wont get lost. I feel like a good mom. Gotta love the kitty.



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