Put a tag on it!

Well someone actually did that. I have been tagged by Sarai [@chunkyrican] some days ago. You can also check her webpage. She tagged me a few days ago but now that I’m not able to do many things I will do the tagging.
If I am not mistaken I have to write down five fun or interesting facts about me. Lets see what I can come up with of my “so many interesting facts”.
“Intersting/Fun” Facts about me:

School System: I did my school years in different schools.
  • – PreK to 1st grade in Preparatoria La Aurora [best school ever]
  • – 2nd grade InterAmarican school [which I think doesnteven exists anymore]
  • – 3rd grade Colegio Santa Gema
  • – 4th to 6th grade Escuela Presbiteriana
  • – 7th to half of 10th grade Colegio Nuestra Señora de la Providencia
  • – The other half of 10th grade to 12th grade Esc. Dr. Gilberto Concepcion de Gracia.
• So yes I have been in some schools mostly private schools the last one was public school and I really enjoyed my days there. I have always been a good student. Parents working hours, work to home distance and home distance where major point on this movings. BTW there are no good or bad school. I think that the problem are the teachers and parents around the kids. Good parents and teachers make awesome kids.

Anime: I like anime: regular anime and hentai and yaoi. Yes I do. Some years ago I was turning into an otaku but dropped it. Never got a manga ’cause I knew I would got stuck on them. I still watch/enjoy anime and go to the conventions. About the hentai/yaoi thing. Nothing hardcore please just the subtle softcore, probably some hardcore without getting all the way there. I know some will say I am losing all the “fun” parts but NO thanks. I don’t like all those tentacles, masochism, hanging from sealing, extremely tied up shit. Even when it is all fake to begin with [since it is animation] please it is really stupid. Yuri I don’t like it but it always comes up on the hentai must of the times. Still there are some people that enjoy that so good luck to them. If you dont know what otaku, hentai , yaoi or yuri means google it.

Collector Factor: Things I collect or used to collect.
  • Letters, Cards and stuff: I collect every single card [holiday, bday, valentine, halloween, xmas] I’ve received, letters people wrote to me, postcards friends have sent, my 15th bday balloons. If you ever gave me a napkin and wrote something for me I probably still have it. I keep them on albums. [take note: don’t tell me you wrote to me if it ain’t on my album you never ever did. Your only plan b is to blame it on the USPS office]
  • Mugs: I used to collect mugs when I went to other countries. Now I dont cause they take too much space.
  • Pins: I replace the mugs for pins. Smaller and more efficients If there are no pins well a key chain or a postcard will do.
  • Empty Glass bottles: Sodas, alcohol, juice, any glass bottle that captivated my eyes. I just love the shapes of them. Also now days they come with interesting colors and packing. Now I only collect the ones I bring from other countries. I had problems with the space too.
  • Magazines: just the ones I find VERY interesting.
  • Notebooks: I don’t know why but I have a lot of notebooks.
Siblings: I am “in fact” the third child of my parents. I had a sister that died days after been born and my mother lost a baby boy via natural abortion. Then I was born but I almost don’t make it. I was born ending my 6th month starting the 7th and my weight was 4 pounds.After that I spent some days at the hospital. I have a sister that is the younger one [the “fourth” one]

Career Dream: Translator or world traveler/tourist.
When I was a kid I always wanted to learn a lot of languages and then travel around the globe. I grew up and started to love art so I went and started studying graphic arts. While making my way to the graphic art phase I studied Humanities. I even graduated with high honors from humanity but I didn’t even knew I was about to graduate. [long story]. Then after graduating I finally ended my graphic artist phase. I still love art, I love history and humanity but haven’t learned a lot of languages. Still I’ve tried. I started Italian and learned a some Brazilian Portuguese with some internet friends. Even without learning the languages I also manage to travel to some places and discovered that with Spanish and English you can do a lot. Still I encourage people to learn as many laguages as they can, but start at an early age, but it is never too late to learn reason why I’ll try to polish my Spanish, English and Brazilian Portuguese.

Now I am supposed to Tag other bloggers but honestly I don’t know who to tag.


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