Kokeshi Doll


In case you are wondering this is supposed to be a Kokeshi doll? I did it last night. Didn’t took that long to make. While making the pattern I thought the size would be ok but when I was done sewing I noticed it came out too thin. This seems to happen quite frequently to me when doing new patters. Good thing is that now I know that I need more space and that I don’t have to fill it out that much inside. It is always good to have something to do instead of been online all the time.


One thought on “Kokeshi Doll

  1. Oh dear, its cute post.I make an addition on Creation Kokeshi Japanese traditional dollThe kokeshi doll greatly divides into 'New model (Shingata)' that imitates 'Tradition' that follows the conventional form and this.'Tradition' type are the traditional wooden dolls made in the northeastern region of Japan. In 'New model' type, there is "Kokeshi doll" sold as a souvenir by the sightseeing spot of the Japanese whole country.cheap but beautiful Kokeshi is artifact that can readily touch tradition of Japan :)however, my push have been for 'Tradition' type.I am very happy to get this from PIJ.http://bit.ly/kokeshi-doll

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