Sticker Phiends 2009

This is my submission to a this year sticker expo [link to 2008] hosted and organized by MadOne to be part of and expo he will be curating. The expo name is Sticker Phiends 2009 in the city of Phoenix, Arizona the 3rd of April 2009. This time I am sending like +100 so help me God to finish the last ones. I think I still have like 3 to go. I already painted some with the markers but tonight I did the big group. Anyways They are golden, black and chalkboard… yeah the ones that get them will be able to write with chalk on them if they wish. It is that cool.
I just hope they get there safe and people enjoy them. Until next year. I wish we had something like this here in Puerto Rico. I even wonder if there are other artist from Puerto Rico participating but how to find out? Wait! That could mean I am representing my country. This is like the olympics of sticker haha. I mean people from the world participate. Well anyways back to reality it is good to be part of this.



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