Oscars Night 2009

As many of you know last night The Oscars were given away in the 81st ceremony. I think this is the best Oscars ceremony I’ve seen in my life. I loved that the band was on the stage normally they are all hidden away below the stage. Not fair at all.
Hugh Jackman blew my mind away with his dancing and singing with his great performance. All his interventions were great and funny. Go Wolverine!!

I also like the stages for every nomination. The best actor/supporting actors trophies given away by others Oscar winners/legends was a hugely improvement this year. I mean it is good to receive an Oscar but get it after your peer say something about your work on the film you are been nominated for is great and makes it more personal.

I have to admit that I haven’t seen many of the movies nominated [shame on me] but I have time to rent them and watch them in my house happily with lots of popcorn. Heath Ledger won best supporting. This I saw it coming he is a great actor sadly he died what makes it more interesting in the fact that it was his best and last role in a movie.

Joaquin Phoenix was mocked by Ben stiller that was priceless. Sir Anthony Hopkins talking about Brad Pitt on the Best Actor nominee part was memorable since they worked together before it felt like a father son thing. I know I took that last part overboard.Jack Black went very close to too far on the dreamworks pixar commentary but it made lot of sense. Still I believe Kung Fu Panda was awesome.

Slumdog Millionaire took home like 7 Oscars including Best Picture, Musical Score and Director. The movie is amazing. I think everybody should watch it.

Now I will just add a list of my favorites parts from the event.

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