On Google Sites

Have you used google sites? Do you have any ideas on how to work around it. Do you have answers to any of this questions? Yes or No?

Well I had them and went to the site and started making some drafting on the pages. Discovering how to use it. I watched the tutorial went to the pages they offer as examples and seemed pretty easy to use. Even when I did created a page or more like a HOME for my blog . I so needed a webpage and I cant afford to buy a name/site or anything of the things needed to get a website.

After I open the first page months went by and I gave up on the whole thing I found it too much work. Don’t get me wrong it does offers you many choices to work with like the iGoogle gadgets you can put there very useful. The sitemap is quite nice since you can see the whole spine of the page.

I made the pages using html tables. It’s been a long while and I dont know CSS I can work my way around it but not do it from scratch. If you dont know how to make templates like me you can use the themes they offer there. There are only two layouts one column or two columns. Anyways I like the final result. The only thing that kinds of bothers me is the address but hey it is a free service, right?

I had lots of fun doing it and I hope you enjoy it and visit it as well.


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