Room View

Got out of work today an hour sooner so I got home and started painting my room. I am doing changes whenever I have time so this have been going for quite some time. Started with the door. Then the closet and now it is time for the walls.

I just finished painting one of the three doors I have to paint. Tomorrow I will get up finish the second one then go and pick up my new desk. Then buy the other color that I am missing which is a robbin blue. I just can’t wait to finish the whole room. Really excited to end all this and feel like I am in a new room. Its been quite some time since I do a mayor decoration thing on it so really looking forward to this new look.

I took pictures of the room as it is now and will do the whole 360 photo thing again when it is all done and finally ready. So give me some time. Click on image for better view.


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