Go! Guavate, go!

Today is labor day and I didn’t went to work. Yey! Instead I went with my family to Guavate to eat some lechon. Guavate is in the municipality of Cayey. Guavate is lechon city for us. If you want to have some good lechon with great seasoning and local food you HAVE to go to this place once in your life. You see there is a street full of restaurants/take outs devoted only to sell lechon and typical food like arroz con gandules, pasteles, viandas, cuajito and such. You can always find other good eats there just ask away to the people that serve you wants on the menu.

Here are some photos of the places we went around. Great food. Great prices lots of family fun. You can also visit the stores around were you can get/buy souvenirs, pina coladas and even food to prepare later on your home. Well enjoy the pics.


2 thoughts on “Go! Guavate, go!

  1. Thank you for writing about the Rincon Original. This is our favorite spot when we visit the Island. We make sure we have a Sunday to enjoy good food and good music!

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