Paw Print Pattern?

Note to self: Do not leave the paint tray un-attended NEVER EVER… when you have pets. Little Miss Muffin… Sondag my kitty just made me remember this last night.

I painted the wall then let the paint to dry on the tray that way when it gets all dried i can remove it easily and dont wast a water taking it off. I left the tray on the bed I’m sleeping in and totally forgot that Sondag was walking around the house. Then when I was getting ready to sleep I pick up the tray from the bed and saw her paw print inside the tray I look further and I see this blue trail all over the fitted on the bed.

I got a little angry but I can’t blame her it was totally my fault to leave the tray there so this mistake was on my fault not hers. She also walked around another matress I have on that room it haves all her pawprints all over. Gotta Love her. I bet she still haves her paw all painted she didn’t let me remove the paint. I guess she just wanted to help me out.


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