A Carnival of Victory

Hello dear readers.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. The last week was very though. I had to do the work of two weeks in four days. Working from 9-10hrs daily but it will be so damn worth it. I had to do all this cause I am leaving today on a Cruise around the Caribbean islands [Southern Caribbean: San Juan, Puerto Rico ; St. Thomas, USVI ; Dominica ; Barbados ; St. Lucia, WI ; Antigua ; St Kitts, WI ; San Juan, Puerto Rico] Yeah! I can’t hardly wait to get out.
I had some issues last night that I even believe I would had to go to the emergency room but thanks God it is all good now. Some heavy treatment last night helped me out. Anyways.. this is my first time on a cruise so I don’t know what to expect. People say it is very awesome but I don’t know. I wanna see what all the deal is.
I will be back on Sunday so this week will be another slow posting week but you have been warned. If I can get online on the cruise you will know it but I will try to avoid it. You know get some twitter, blogging, internet rehab and enjoy the outdoors. I will try to get lots of pics even when I am not a photographer I totally enjoy taking pics of the places I visit.
Well that is all for now. Enjoy your week. I know I will enjoy mine. Later guys.
Ouh! By the way this is the baby i will be cruising in Carnival Victory.

One thought on “A Carnival of Victory

  1. Lucky you. If I had to be in a shipsurrounded by BORRICUAS, for so long,I would probably comit hara kiri.Hoping you had some fun watching the islesand natives…Until then…silence…as usual…

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