Restoring and Saving Graffiti

I have heard that curators and museums tried to save and restore art considered fit to be part of a museum. But to hear that people want to save/restore a graffiti mural from taggers this is a new thing.

According to the news Banksy fans move an entire wall – to save his work from, er, graffiti artists there are this two guys Nick Loizou and Bradley Ridge that are trying to do just that. Save a graffiti mural from Banksy from other graffiti artist. Banksy painted the mural in an industrial estate just outside Croydon, South London, in August.

‘Banksy did it in broad daylight, at 2pm on a Saturday on a busy industrial estate. Lots of people saw him but no one realised who he was, or that they had a star in their midst.’

– Bradley Ridge

I have always believe that graffiti is truly an art form. Very beautiful and is constantly evolving. Then there are the people that just ruin the walls around the place. I just don’t know why people have to tag all over other pieces. If there are so many walls to tag why in hell you have to tag a place that is already done. Unless you are trying to go to war with the artist. Which is totally stupid cause you would be just giving enough reason to people to believe graffiti is always vandalism and not a real art expression.

I am happy that this mural was saved and will be restored to its “original” state. People are already complaining about the idea of making money after restoring the wall. But if they just spent money restoring and making this be safe for future generations of art sake. Why not! I prefer that this two regular guys get the money for restoring/saving it than the government/private people getting the credit and saying they care plenty for this art form. No thanks.

They removed the whole wall after a couple of days of hard work. The mural will be taken to a secret & safe location so the restoration can begin. Banksy gave them his blessing on the matter so it is all good. I just hope that this new generation of graffiti artists that is growing now days respect your fellow graffiti artist. Don’t go around tagging others people work. That is like if Picasso went to a Dali expo and painted all over his works. Did it ever happen? No… unless they were doing a collaboration then it is another story.

[mural orginal state]

How you want people to respect the graffiti art movement if you guys continue with this conduct. Show some respect for your fellow artist. Kudos to this guys that are pioneers on this matter. Saving graffiti. I just can see lots of wall been removed to be saved and restored after this. Maybe people will finally understand the value of this art. I just wonder where are they going to place them all. It will surely make a hell of a graffiti museum.

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