The Blog 1st Giveaway

Yes that is right! Continuing with the celebration of the 5th year of the blog I am doing a giveaway.
What better occasion to have a giveaway than an anniversary? For 5 years I have been posting nonsense and you still come and visit. I am very grateful with all my readers for their support and commenting on my posts.

If you are a frequent reader/visitor you will notice that I do handmade plushies, art, stickers and many other things so that is what I am giving away… my art.

This giveaway box will contain:
4 small plushies [all hand sew]
3 random prints of my drawings
some stickers
2 pins
one 5×7 original art on canvas.

You might be wondering… what I have to do?

What you have to do to be part of this giveaway?
Read carefully the rules and follow them.

1. SUBSCRIBE via EMAIL. That way I can notify you if you where the lucky winner.

2. It would be cool that you left leave a comment/message here with a link to your favorite post from The Blog and why. [this can be done in 3 sentences keep it short, thanks.]

3. The winner will be announced here on The Blog Sunday, 13 of December 2009.
If you are the winner congratulations. I will contact you and you are no where to be found 24 hrs. after the announcement I will choose another contestant. [Now you know]

4. Stay informed or updated about the giveaway. Follow me on twitter or my fanpage on facebook. Add #ReavelBlogGiveaway on your twitter message. If on facebook #ReavelBlogGiveaway on the wall or the subject of a message.

NOTE: After signing in… when posting your comment/message use the same

— example if the email you are using to subscribe is write myhouse — 
this is for me to match it with your email
 If they don’t match You wont be participating on the giveaway.
— PLEASE… DO NOT leave your email here

—Sorry for all the rules but I am trying to keep it real and that those that subscribe and do leave a message do get the prize and not someone that just wanted to get free stuff that don’t appreciate the art and all the work of all this years.

5 thoughts on “The Blog 1st Giveaway

  1. Hey, Your giveaway is So Cool !! I wish I could be the winner!! U know that I love Ur Art!! 😉 But this msg isn't only about that, I'm looking fwd 2 meet with U again 'cause We had such a great Time at Ur B-day last year(coming soon).Are U coming to the Border's Instore on Dec.3rd?? Hope so!!Hugs and Best Wishes for U!! (Julia Marlene Ortiz)

  2. Hi – adorable items!!! It won't let me change my sign in name but it is passiontealemonade. Sorry. It just won't LOL.This is my favorite post. love reading these things and remind me of me. I LOVE sharpies and feel better not riding rollercoasters LOL. Your style is real and your upfront – that's awesome.Thanks for the opportunity.Jae passiontealemonade*at*yahoo*.*com

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