Dinner Room

Hello. Here I am with another DIY project I did yesterday.
I needed new curtains for my dinner. Even when I like all the sun that gets inside my house at night for me this becomes a burden cause when I turn all the lights on all my second floor neighbors can/could see me. When you like to walk around your house on boxers or underwear or whatever that is a HUGE problem. Therefore I said I need some curtains to avoid all that drama.
Went to Capri store [it is like a mini department store. you can find great things at great prices] and got two full flat sheets for the price of $5.95 each in the color that I needed them. Got home took some measures and started my project. I cute them up to fit the required space.

Then I sew/glued them up so they ended up looking as curtains. This can be done very easy if you use the sewing tape [Heat N Bond tape] you just have to iron the corners and thats about it. Do read the instructions when doing this. After that I just took some white acrylic paint and made the details or pattern you’ll see here. I am thinking of adding some black or brown in the same patter to the curtain so the colors show up on the curtain.


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