Brazil’s Britto to share his glee at Thursday exhibit.

Unlike most artists who paint at an easel, Romero Britto’s art takes many three dimensional forms. He has contributed to the design of Jeeps and luxury cars like BMW, Volvo and Bentley, and shared his joy with the world through riotous color and modern shapes. He has exhibited in 140 galleries and museums, including the Louvre. His collectors are Madonna, Bill Clinton, Michael Jordan and Oprah Winfrey, among others.
Internationally recognized as leader of the Neo-Pop movement and represented in galleries and museums across five continents, the Brazilian artist will show Puerto Ricans an art full of color, pop themes and commanding compositions.
“I’m very happy to wake up in the mornings, and just go to my studio and create, so I can share my work with the world,” he said in a telephone interview from Miami.
His exhibit opens Thursday at the Petrus Gallery in Santurce, but this week, squeezed in among press conferences and travel preparation, he spoke with the Daily Sun.
Britto’s many art forms range from screen-printing on various media to an impressive monumental sculpture. Because of his talent and artistic audacity, the world-renowned artist was recently chosen as the official artist of the 2010 FIFA World Cup held in South Africa.
Still, its hard for him to acknowledge how much of an impact his art has on the world.
“(Maybe) …half the world,”…he quips. “It’s more about how it has touched people’s lives, and given them hope and happiness”. The artist expresses his love for culture, Pop Art and the cubist movement not only in his art, but also by praising one of his most important influences on his work, Pablo Picasso.
“I really appreciate the master work of Picasso, because, if he were alive, he’d be a pop artist!” said Britto in answer to a question about his influences. “He also was one of the most prolific artists that wanted to share his work the most”, he added in the conversation squeezed in between two press conferences in the states.
Britto stated that Picasso, like himself, was “an artist who would paint about culture, about bullfights… about everyday life”.
And, according to the young artist, sharing his art with different cultures is part of what he does, and it would be sad if, being able to paint, he wasn’t able to give, or let others participate in what he does.
“I think I’d feel isolated if I didn’t show my work around the world, or let people collect it,” he said.
Perhaps, sharing his art with this little island can be just what he needs, to feel some sort of connection, the one he urgently seeks.
“Puerto Ricans and the rest of the world, just as I do, want to do some good for their communities. This is a great opportunity for me, to share (my art) with them,” said the leader of one of the most important art movements of today.
“Sharing my art with different cultures is what I do,” he said when asked about his obvious passion and enthusiasm for coming to Puerto Rico. “Art it too important not to share.”
What would he do if he couldn’t share?
“I would feel isolated if I didn’t let others see my work, or collect it,” he said.
The Petrus Art Gallery is on Hoare Street, corner of Las Palmas, in Miramar. The exhibition will be held during the regular schedule of the gallery, from 10 to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday, and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call (787) 289 – 0505.

Side Note: I hope I can go and see this. I love his art work. i made a post about his art work some time ago. here.

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