Xmas Decor 2010

Just made my first XMas decoration for this year. Since my house is painted grey, blue and white I was trying to keep that theme. No it does not need shine. I could try some clear glitter but glitter is a mess when you have a curious cat around you. Besides I don’t like shiny things lol!

I love it cause it was all DIY and I had all the materials at home. Yey! Very simple to do with paper sting glue and some felt. Requires some time to cut the paper and the felt and to assemble the whole thing but it is fun to do. Keeps you busy outside the computer while watching TV. I found a plenty of ideas on the internet. Some even included tutorials.


3 thoughts on “Xmas Decor 2010

  1. Reavel- Thanks for stopping by my blog! There are 50 felt balls in the package, half 1cm half 2cm. If you want them right next to each other you'll need two packages to make a 6 foot strand. I wanted to do that originally and realized I didn't order enough so I just spaced them out a bit.Really like your decor, simple but pretty :).

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