Hard disk meet floor.

Ahhh! For the past 3 months I have been downloading music, movies so I can have a decent collection of both. Last november I bought a 1 tera hard disk to accomplish this task. I already had 500g full of amazing movies and music.

So far I managed to collect many korean movies and dramas cause I am into that shit now and was very happy until 5 minutes ago that my lovely hard disk met the floor for the second time and this time it finally got ruined.
Fun fact is that I was saving and downloading the movies/dramas/series for next month since I’ll be traveling and I am not sure that I would have internet available. I wanted to be prepare and have something to watch/do. Now I have nothing. I just hope that I can buy another one tomorrow or something. I need one of those things and I have a week to gain all that I lost. Seems impossible I know.

Oh my life. BTW the other time it fell I lost all my photos, movies, music, artworks and many other things since 2007. Among the files my portfolio and all the photoshop files I had since then. Thank You!

Go Me!

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