30 Seconds to Mars Concert

I just had a dream that 30 Seconds to Mars was having a concert. It was like a small private one. The place was like small auditorium. When the show was about to start the crowd was kind of worried that Jared wasn’t going to sing at the concert because of some reason, that was rumor. People were kind of pissed off and asking Shannon and the crew what was going to happen since he is the voice. They just said the concert will be done.

Anyways thing is i’m sitting waiting and besides me there is this guy… That looked like Eminem but i was like whatever. We talked about the stage and that Jared wasn’t singing that night. Lol! Then he went off. So cool.

They just announced the concert was about to start the crowd still went crazy and still had hopes that Jared would show up. The other members get out on the stage. The song that started playing was The Kill. So off the fucking blue Eminem comes out and starts singing but not Jared style in his own style. Thing is people liked it. The song keeps going people are enjoying it a lot of things happen there are some kids on the stage playing the “characters” of the story told with the song.

Then on the last verse or paragraph of the song Eminem disappears from the stage. Everyone goes crazy. Security starts running around and grab some people around and take them to the stage. They start checking all the people but the people on the stage start like changing/mutating. Then they are like all naked and start melting out (WTF! I know…) and when all this happen out of the freaking melting people Jared fucking Leto comes out and starts singing the las paragraph.
By then the crowd have no fucking clue of what happen but are singing out loud. Their where also other artist showing up at the concert sitting with the crowd but I can only remember Sheryl Crow (lol!).
So there you have my dream. I am not a hard core fan of any of them, but I do enjoy their music. Still I don’t have none of their music on my iPod or laptop. No clue where this idea came from. But I know I had a great time at the concert and I got to hang out with Marshall and Eminem. Lol! Crazy shit!

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