Back Home.

So Yes I am back home sooner than expected but quite ok about it. I was planning on getting here by December but well had to make a few changes. I am still quite tired from all walking I did the days before getting here. The luggage was overweight by only one pound. That was possible thanks to  the fact that I left a few things back at my uncle’s house. I spent six months on Florida and I didn’t miss a lot of things besides my close family and close friends… the rest you can get it anywhere.

The best thing about all the time I spent there was that I got to know more abohut my family cause even when I see them like every year I have never spent so much time with them and I am very happy with that. Also I got to spend a lot of time with my goddaughter and even made the cupcakes for her birthday. That was really awesome. Everybody loved them. I felt like the best aunt ever. 
Anyways… I finally got to see Sondag. I missed her. Still haven’t given her a shower cause she had some knots on her fur but I might to do it on the weekend. It is all back to normal between us. I have to confess that I also miss Jack a lot and wish I could have him here with me. I miss him walking around me. Such a good dog. Sondag might get jealous if she saw us together.  First thing I did was to fix my room cause it was full of cat hair all over. 
I am still watching my Korean dramas and I am still listening my Korean music and I am still in love with South Korea. Before I got here I asked for requested a Korean Tourism guide and it should be here anytime soon. I hope. I have to get back on my hangul and romanization reading.

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