Music in 2011

I think that in all the years this blog have been open I never made a music list. So they say there is always a first time for everything and I think this is the situation with this post. I am gonna try and make a top 10 list of artists for this past year 2011.

Again I had some korean influence so yeah they will be included here but do not worry I shall add you a video with lyrics. Whatever. Yes there will be songs in english too… I think. Even if  the song wasn’t released this year it might make the list. If I found it this year it will make my 2011 list.

Side Note: I’ve to say this the 6 months I spent on US made me fall more in love with Korean music ’cause I didn’t had access to my regular radio stations. Back in Florida they play mostly country music or I just don’t like the way radio stations work there. I am used to the local radio stations and the US middle Florida stations both are very… very different. It was easier for me to check to check youtube or download Korean music and get used to it than listen to the radio stations there.

This where the most played on my iPod this past year. Open your mind and just enjoy the music.
Anyways lets get this started.

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