Nu’Est… Pledis boys.

There is this new boygroup called Nu’Est (New Established Style and Tempo). It is composed by JR (leader), Aron, Baekho, Minhyun and fabulous Ren (maknae). My bias so far are Ren and Baekho and I totally ship BaekRen. Long story short they are Pledis boys which in good english means that Pledis Entertainment is their company. Their sunbaenim and mentors are the girls from After School
They debuted the same day B1A4 made their comeback stage -that was april 15- I had the fortune of seen it so I think it was THE FIRST kpop group ever that I saw debut -even when I didn’t knew at the time I believe they were just performing like any other day- Still it was awesome. I finally got to see them on stage dancing and singing. I am all in for Ren cause he can dance, sing and well he is too gorgeous to the point people believed he was a girl when they where presented to the public. I just say it is the style they just made him portray. They are all cute adorable guys but more with a more manly chic look … then you see their clothing for the song I’m sorry and go like ouh this is different and flamboyant. Anyways they are stealing hearts left and right without compassion.

I will share their video that haves the English text below with you so hold on. After I watched their performance I had to have the album even when it only comes with 3 songs I’m Sorry, Face and Nu’Est. On April 18 I got on the mail the poster, album, photobook and JR photocard all that for 13$ including shipping. Yey! The song Face -the video below- talks about bullying so yeah that is cool… for those of you that think it is all pretty boys singing nonesense. The next video you will see is their debut stage. Which is the most important stage on the career of any group it is the first time you show what you got to the public and it will last a lifetime.

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