Baked king crab dumplings.

Had some friends over like two weeks ago and made this babies for them. Yes! I made baked kingcrab dumplings for my friends. I bought the kingcrab added some chives, chopped garlic, salt, black pepper, olive oil and 1 cream cheese (8 oz) for the mix or filling. Since my dad can’t eat fried stuff and I wanted to give him some so he could taste them I baked a few before hands to see if the dumplings came out well. I have to say that it was WAY better than expected. Everyone in my house loved them and it is so easy to make. I will try to make more soon cause they really enjoyed them and they taste so good when you bake them. Tasty. I think that you should add a little of sesame oil. I should try that out and later eat them with some soy sauce. Oh yes that should be cool.

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