The $119.9 Million Scream

Edvard Munch‘s The Scream sells for record $119.9 million at Sotheby’s auction. Starting bid price tag was $50 million. The bid lasted 12 minutes and it made history. This is the most expensive art piece in history and it is just 1 of the remaining 4 of the series. The owner said he would help build a museum and some other stuff on Norway so in the end it is all good. Read the full story here.

Still $119.9 million is like a lot of money and it makes you wonder Who the HELL bought the painting? If he/she can waste/spend that amount of money I am sure they can do a lot more for the Arts than buying and keeping safe masterpieces which is good but what is the use of keeping all this if the future generations wont even bother in knowing about them.

This have always been one of my favorites paintings and it made me happy to read this news cause there is still people that enjoy it no matter what the meaning or purpose of owning one of this is… I think it is great that people are still up to pay huge amounts of money. It also makes me wonder if the artist knew how much their pains and agonies of those days are worth it now. This artists most of them had like REALLY troubled lives and we are just here sitting enjoying their pain while we somehow relate to their suffering. We embrace that suffering when we go to the museum and try to figure out this kind of paintings. 

2 thoughts on “The $119.9 Million Scream

  1. Es cierto que los artistas, muchos de ellos al menos, sufren…pero al final viven para ser recordados a traves de su obra y creo que el dinero no importa, si no que representa un homenaje a este artista. Asi que al final logro su proposito.

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