Frankenweenie is ALIVE

Went to the movie theater to se The Avengers… which by the way is the best super hero movie done to date. Before the movie started I was walking towards the ladies room when I saw this poster.
My heart was in shock. I couldn’t believe it. I finally saw the poster for Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie. You have no idea how many years this have been a project and now it is a reality. I actually posted about this on this blog back in 2007. So yes I was really really impressed with this. Frankenweenie is one of the Tim Burton’s babies. It is a movie he shot over two decades ago. Back in 2007 when they announced that Tim Burton was going to make Alice in Wonderland they also informed about this movie but since I never heard/read about it again I believe it was all On Hold again. 
Frankenweenie could become this generations The Nightmare Before Christmas since it they are using the stop motion as they also did for The Corpse Bride. The fan in me went actually crazy and I can’t wait for the movie to be out and go to the movies and watch it. Still I have to wait. But for me it will be so worth it. I have high hopes for this movie even when people will say a lot of things I know that this will be GRAND. This movie means a lot to Tim since he have been waiting for ages to do this they way it should have been done on the beginning. At least October is just “around” the corner. I’m so looking forward to this. About freaking time this movie deserves attention and recognition.

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