Review: Alright and Slip Away

So last night before going to bed I listened to Aziatix and Nell albums. Both are so great. Totally different moods YES. If you have not heard any of this groups before eyou should start paying attention to them cause you hare missing out on AWESOME well done REAL music with feelings and the compositions lyrics are amazing.

Aziatix‘s Awakening all in english so you wont have language barrier problem. Aziatix is an R&B group. Keeps you moving from songs 1-4 then you hit History it slows you down at a good pace and gives you a feeling that you have to let something go… then Lights pumps you up again. Flowsik is all over the place very strong on this album. For me is the center of it. Just like on the CD cover. Eddie Shin and Nicky Lee are complementing Flowsik aggressiveness and I like that a lot. This is the good thing from Aziatix they all have their skills and show them off well no one over powers it but on this album I think that Flowsik got to show off more.

Aziatix – Alright

Nell‘s Slip Away is another story. It is totally the contrary of Aziatix. Nell is a korean rock band (indie rock band). They set up a  melodramatic mood from beginning to end of this 10 songs album. Therefore you should be ready for the emotional roller coaster. If you have listen to Nell before you will be ready. All the songs even when they are mostly in korean (there are only two songs in full english Beautiful Stranger and Losing Control) you will fall deep into the emotional hole they are digging for you during the whole album. But don’t worry the fall wont hurt that much. Since it is in korean you should look up the songs translated to english so you can get a better idea of what they are singing about and understand the whole story behind each song.

넬(Nell) – Beautiful Stranger

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