B1A4 Ignition Repackage Album

I ordered this to arrive at NYC while I was on vacation there. Shipping from Korea/China for this items can be expensive so that was the most affordable way to do it. I had to wait for two weeks to get this on my hands. It was waiting for me at my aunt house. I wanted her to send it to my via mail but she couldn’t do it so I had to wait. I already knew what it had but I just wanted to see the awesomeness on my own. Once I opened it I spazzed and was so happy. No on understood but I don’t cared.

This B1A4 Ignition I Repackage Album haves the same songs that B1A4 I Ignition had but it also included 72 photo cards (12 for each member and 12 off all the group) the album, the poster and the lyrics booklet/poster. Each postcard can be used as a postcard but I wont do that. Oh no. And well I got all this for around $30 including shipping so It wasn’t that bad after all.


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