Oh Canada!

Yes! I crossed the border and I am at Canada right now. We traveled from Yonkers to Canada by car. It took us around 8 hrs or so. We stopped to have breakfast and later at the rest stop. We also wondered around the local sites so that might made our trip longer.
First thing I learn just crossing the border is that pepper spray is an illegal weapon there. So my sister had to fill some papers and give it up. That was kind of cool. They even gave her a receipt stating that they didn’t took it from her that she just voluntarily gave it up. It was like ok… cool!
Second thing is July 1st is Canada Day. It is like the 4th of July for US. Anyways every one here is hyped about it and it was awesome. You saw Canada flag waiving everywhere and people proudly wearing shirts with the flag on it and so on. Just like any other country celebrating their independence or constitution day. So as they say when in Rome do as romans do we just went around the street and walk around. We found out there was going to be fireworks so we just went to eat then head back to our room and rest for a while. After that we just went out and walk around to get near the actual Niagara Falls but well there was so many people that we just went with the flow and ended up walking with the flood of people to see the fireworks.
It was really awesome to experience this. Everybody was chilling like a huge picnic. Let me tell you there are a lot of people from India and from all over Asia. It is really impressive all the cultures that you find here. It was amazing. Sharing the same time and space with so many cultures and all celebrating a country that is not even their own but that right now it their home. It was nice. People are really nice here. The waitres at Tony Roma asked me how I knew if people in Puerto Rico talked english and I just told her that it was a LONG story but yeah that some do that others don’t. She said our english was really good. LOL! Of course dear. Still it was nice to listen to that. By the way cellphone is dead only using the Wi-Fi on it. So sad but relaxing at the same time. 
Anyways I am gonna post some photos of the whole day. 







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